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don't follow your heart follow your 3 brains  christoffel sneijders

I'm super excited to share that my podcast interview on the Deepak Saini Performance Show is now live! 🎙️✨

In the episode, we delve into my unique journey and the unconventional path that led me to where I am today. 

Deepak, renowned for his focus on Reversing the Effects of Aging, posed some thought-provoking questions about my health habits and their profound connection with our 3 brains -our head, our heart, and our gut. 🌿💪 🧠💖

Check out the episode here 🌟📅

Thanks for your support, and happy listening! 🎧😊

Cheers Christoffel

For those eager to delve into the fascinating world of 3 Brains coaching, I've scheduled two 3 Brains Coach Certification Training sessions in September. However, seats are filling up rapidly, so seize the opportunity now and benefit from the early bird discount of 100 EURO.

Words of experienced coaches about the last training :

The 3 Brains Coach Certification offers an innovative perspective on understanding how we think, feel, and make life decisions. The scientific background, research findings, and Christoffel’s outstanding coaching and mentoring expertise make this training program incredibly valuable.

Christoffel is an excellent coach; he is compassionate, fun, and extremely generous in sharing all his knowledge patiently. You’ll be able to use the method’s techniques in your coaching practice from day one, and your clients will have immediate results.

You’ll also be part of an international group of highly skilled professionals from all over the world and learn and practice with them, which makes the experience even more interesting.

I highly recommend the course to all coaches, counsellors and personal development professionals who wish to upgrade their skills and learn a new approach and methodology.

Chiara Monaci, Life & Business Coach ICF ACC, Italy

After I underwent the 3 Brain coach training by Christoffel Sneijders in Jan this year, I can say it was totally different from the other neuroscience programs that I have been trained in before. 

Firstly, the 3-Brain Dominance Assessment I took was absolutely correct, pointing out what kind of brain-aligned person I was. This powerful training then helped me learn how, as a coach, the 3 Brains must be aligned to help me better understand my clients. 

Christoffel is amazing as a coach trainer, providing the space to learn, express ourselves, and understand the 3 Brain theory, which looks complex and easy. He demonstrates the use of many tools by coaching one of our cohorts. Thereafter, he helped us to use these tools in our break-out room practice sessions with our highly experienced and credentialled coaches, wherein his inputs and interventions were fantastic and made everyone’s learning holistic. 

This 3 Brain coach training is strongly recommended for coaches who are keen to help their clients connect with their inner thoughts and align with their truth to move forward. 

Cdr Ravi Krishnaswamy (Retd), PCC

If you want to read the book about improving all your relationships, just click the picture.

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