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Download for FREE "how MEN & WOMEN FIT, finally understand your partner

finally understand your partner with the 3 brains theory
how men and women fit

I feel happy to share with you my contribution to impact society in a positive way with the book I wrote: “How MEN & WOMEN FIT, finally understand your partner with The 3 Brains theory”.

It is almost there in the final full form. The Ebook is downloadable from my website for an other week for FREE.

The real book will be there in a couple of weeks.

It brings a new way of looking at interpersonal relationships and how we as men and women can change our understanding & communication and social skills.

The theory that it is based upon is NEW and OLD at the same moment: the 3 brains we have: a Head, a Heart and a Gut brain (this is backed up by scientific research). 

In this book you will discover how our 3 brains determine your and yours partners life, how they are in charge of your decisions, your communication, your listening skills and how you do conflict resolution . So actually how successful, meaningful and happy/healthy your relationship is.

You will understand how your head brain provides you with logic and creativity. With an immense database of all the logical things you have learned so it can do what it is designed to do: A better future prediction for you.

Your heart brain is the connector with other people and “drive” you with emotions like love, hatred and compassion. It is the “US” brain and is the centrum of a healthy relationship.

Last but not least actually first you/we all have the Gut Brain; it is in command of our survival and therefore, is able to overrule the other two. It is the “ME’ Brain. This is the killer of a healthy relationship if it is in command.

You will find in my book the techniques/tools to communicate and understand the other better;


You will find in my book the techniques/tools to communicate and understand the other better; It is based on the 5 reasons why we are stuck in the world we are living in now:  

  1. Reason One: We misunderstand how our Minds (1 vs 3 brains) Really Work

  2. Reason Two: Our Gut and Heart Brain disagree about “ME” and” US” in Making Decisions

  3. Reason Three: The Equality Problem: We have been taught to dominate or to submit

  4. Reason Four: Gender Stereotypes: The Mars/Venus fallacy, the Hoax of Feminine and Masculine Traits

  5. Reason Five: We Underestimate the Power of Trauma/Abuse and Bullying

I explain how our 3 brains operate, how you can work with them in yourself and with others, and how our 3 brains develop in children and teenagers and how to deal with that.

My passion and dream is to spread this word of  better communication and understanding of each other.

We can all learn what our preference is, and also recognise which is our partner’s, friend’s, colleague’s or manager’s dominant brain.

Even more important we can educate, adjust and align our 3 brains, they are not set in stone.

By knowing how your three Brains work, you can create happy, healthy relationships.

That is my promise to you.

Download the Ebook "how MEN & WOMEN FIT, finally understand your partner with the 3 brains theory"

Many thanks and enjoy the Ebook, it is amazing :-)

What people said about it: 

Stuart Padley: It's not just another self help book.  It's special.

​Margaret Lawlor: Your book is fantastic Christoffel and would highly recommend and really enjoying my advanced training in clinical hypnosis you are so full of amazing insight and knowledge

Michelle Vos-Castle: Love it Really interesting Read in one sitting Like the mix of you and science Is light but interesting

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