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What is the 3 Brains Theory and how is it making a difference for you, your colleagues, and your clients?

It is the missing link in how we really can have relationships and communication with others. It is all about enhancing the alignment between the way we think (our Head), we feel (our Heart) and we act (our Gut).

It helps with self-awareness, self control, understanding and feeling the reaction, behaviours and needs from the people around us.

As it is the core of how we connect with other people it is an essential skills/attitude for winning teams, successful leadership, amazing client

An example

Maybe you know that feeling…?

A stressful situation is arising with someone ….

Your head says: “it does not make sense that that (s)he is seeing it like this it is wrong”, at the other hand your Heart gives you the feeling of: “say sorry and apologise as this could damage the relationship” but your Gut feeling wants to protect you and screams: “if you bent over they will walk over you again so get up and confront them with their mistakes”.

How do you decide in that moment how to respond, what to do and say?

Is better to follow your Head, your Heart, or your Gut feeling?

Two things happen when we do not align our 3 Brains before we take action:

  1. When they do not communicate with each other, they stay reflexively loyal to an old behaviour and/or belief that was maybe good in the past but in the current situation could cause you serious negative outcomes! Hence the different advises.

  2. And afterwards we regret we did NOT: followed our gut instinct, followed our heart, thought this through or took some time to reflect and let all the thoughts and emotions sink in before taking action.

Like to know more?

I will be presenting “The 3 Brains - Head, Heart and Gut - Connection: The Missing Link for Long-Lasting Coaching Results!” And we dive into the concepts and reasons and solutions

Please join us!

Sept 21, 2021 11-12:00 pm PDT

🙌🏻 And if you really like to master it, join the 3 Brains Coach Certification Training

Have a beautiful day and love seeing you in September or October.

Enjoy christoffel

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