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Best training ever!

Delivering a training is not only about the content you share, but much more about creating that atmosphere of safety in the group so that we are willing to open up and really explore ourselves and be able to be to build on that foundation with all the learnings that are presented.

This is what happened last weekend in the module Coach and Connect, the Head, Heart and Gut brain the somatic experience, from the advanced clinical hypnotherapy training,

This module has the focus on how our 3 brains: The Head, Heart and Gut are connected for powerful decision making, how they store our traumatic events and much more how we can release them. We explore what is our personal glass ceiling, what are our own personal blocks in: influencing and decision making, creating stress, frustration, anger and/or inner conflicts what are maybe the trauma’s that are driving this.

And we all did this in a mindblowing 4 days.

I'm grateful with the six amazing students who went deep just so that could reach the top of the mount Everest.

Thanks for this experience Tracy, Nahid, Margaret, Jamina, Kat and Rosy.



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