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4 amazing webinars: re-experience ICF ICW 2022

Your 3 Brains - Head, Heart and Gut - are taking the world, it is getting more and more recognised that your 3 Brains are the path to whatever you like to achieve in your life, Success, Leadership, Teamwork, Happiness and/or Health. The answer lies within you.

Free to watch: the Recordings of the ICF International Coaching Week.

Creating long-lasting change using your 3 Brains – Head, Heart and Gut -, the art of aligned decision making

Experience the wisdom of our 3 Brains – our Head, Heart and Gut – and the benefits of their integration for your clients and yourself. We know everything we do in life is based on decisions, from shall I take a coffee to how do I deal with my toxic boss. How do we decide if it is better to follow our head, heart, or gut feeling when confronted to take action? When we don’t integrate all 3 Brains, we stay reflexively loyal to an old behaviour, habit or belief of our most dominant Brain and that will keep us doing what we always did. Takeaways of this webinar: Insights in how to use 3 Brains Language and determine which Brain is in charge Learn how to distinguish which of the 3 Brains are willing to change or are stuck Get the basics of the science behind the 3 brains: our Head, Heart and Gut. Learn the different objectives of each Brain Learn your personal brain dominance on

To watch the recording click here:

The link between coaching and hypnosis: conversational hypnosis

Hypnosis is recognised as one of the most effective ways of establishing long lasting change, as being in a hypnotic state we can bypasses our critical thoughts (Dr. Bruce Lipton, the book: The Biology of Belief, Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles) For us coaches it is has been more difficult to use hypnosis, as hypnosis is mostly taught and used in the therapy way, and there is a solution: conversational hypnosis. The crux: we don’t have to be in a deep hypnotic state to achieve change, we just need to be relaxed enough to bypass the internal blocks and allow change to happen. In Brain waves language the Alpha State is good enough. The founder of modern Hypnotherapy Milton Erickson used 42 different language patterns to work with his clients, this combined with discrimination skill – the art of decision making – we have perfect combination when we work with conversational hypnosis.

To watch the recording click here:

Heart-Brained Highly Sensitive People: Coaches and leaders of the future

On average about 20% of people have the trait of high sensitivity and through 3 Brain research, we know that 60% of coach respondents have dominance in Heart Brain. People with high Heart Brain scores also have been shown to be highly sensitive. Why is this relevant to you as a coach? The qualities of highly sensitive people (HSPs) and Heart-Brained people are ideal for coaching yet come with challenges. Understanding how to stand in the trait strengths and successfully navigate challenges will help you sustain your performance. These traits are also present in effective leaders yet are not often seen at top levels. Insights into the highly sensitive personality will enable us to better support more diverse and robust future leaders. Making connections between both the elements of the Highly Sensitive personality and the new science of 3 Brains – Head, Heart and Gut – Theory will give you powerful insights to both the way we coach and the way we support leaders.

To watch the recording click here:

Coaching and mentoring PCC MCC level made easy with 3 brains head-heart-gut coaching and made possible by 3 brains note method.

As we are aware note taking is not a skill taught at many coaching schools. Making notes, if done great, can be extremely helpful for a great coaching or mentoring session. Not only to remember what the client shared with us but also to assist us in coming aware of connections or patterns in the clients thinking. Practically all professional coaches (from ACC’s to MCC’s) we know actually do spend focus (thus paradoxically often in hiding) on taking personal notes. Strangely enough – as far as we know – the new ICF ACC, PCC or MCC markers don’t include any ‘how to’ related to note taking. The 3 brains Follow The Client® Navigator – a coach note method – makes it possible for the coach to highly respect and include the clients 3 brains head-heart-gut dialogues and conversations and assist in that way long lasting change. This 3 brains work shop aims to create clarity on these dilemmas and paradoxes and gives you concrete insights how to improve your note taking.

To watch the recording click here:

Enjoy and love to hear your comments.


PS 🙌🏻 Looking forward to meeting you in one of the 3 Brains Coach Certification Trainings !


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