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3 Brains Coaching visits ICF Hong Kong please join us

I am honoured to be speaker for the ICF Hong Kong Chapter and share the science behind our three brains – our head, heart and gut – and how they can help you to achieve long-lasting coaching results.

Although almost every leader understands that leading from the heart is beneficial for creating high performance teams the majority of them will be stopped by a unconscious fear of stepping out of the personal and cultural comfort zone as commonly used traditional operant condition techniques of positive and negative reinforcement provide short term success.

The coaching we all learned is based on powerful questions to create understanding, stay on a logical level and is good for the short term but will pitifully not enable long term embedded change, I learned this the hard way as therapist working with people who were suffering from anxieties, depression, trauma (PTSD) and addictions.

Thanks to working with these clients, I found a path for assisting them successfully: 3 Brains (Head, Heart and Gut) coaching.

John Lennon would agree that I am a dreamer as I have an expansive dream; to make this world a better place to live and work: no more toxic workplaces or managers.

By sharing the concept of the 3 Brains Coaching and how we can connect with them and start leading from all 3 of them it will not only make our life as a coach better, but also the lives of the people you coach and who they manage.

During this webinar you will:

  • How we can distinguish how and why the 3 brains are connected to the topic the client is discussing?

  • What is actually blocking to the client to move forward and what is enabling the client to move forward?

  • An insight into 3 brains language

  • The science behind the three brains – our head, heart and gut – and how they work.

  • Learn your personal brain dominant using the online ‘3 Brains preference test

Register today! For every #coach who has the desire to bring the best out of their clients.

Love to see you Christoffel


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