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3 Brains and Leadership at the ICF International Coaching & Leadership Summit

Honoured to be one of the main speaker that the International Coaching & Leadership Summit: 8-18 November.

With the topic: The 3 Brains-Head-Heart and Gut-Connection: Alignment With Yourself, Your Decision-Making, to Serve Effectively as a Leader.

The International Coaching & Leadership Summit: 8-18 November is spanning Over 6 Exciting Days. Including 24 Individual Speaker Sessions, 3 Panel Discussion Sessions, and multiple Reflective Learning Networking Sessions.

Ensure you don't miss what will be an impactful Day 4 of the summit, on Tuesday 16 November 2021, including noteworthy speakers from the local and international coaching and business communities.

Availability of up to 28.5 CCEU Across The Summit for ICF Members.


ICLS 2021 ICF Malaysia Event Landing Page Link:


ICLS 2021, 8-18 November 2021

Registration Link:

Love to see you Christoffel


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