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3 Brains NLP Coach
Practitioner Training


The techniques and mindsets of highly effective people

3 Brains NLP Coach Practitioner Certification

Change your mind and change your outcome!

3 Brains NLP is a way of helping people help themselves to achieve a state of excellence, happiness and peace of mind.

In this training we go one step further.


The techniques, tools and mindsets of 3 Brains NLP are integrated in a way that works most effectively when applied as a coach, therapist or leader, and generally when working with people. In our lives we learn many useful beliefs, skills and habits however there are also some which serve to disempower us and hold us back from expressing our true selves. In this training we learn to identify and modify mindsets and behaviours for greatest positive benefit and impact for ourselves and to help others.


3 Brains NLP is based on the study of excellence - on the mindsets, interpersonal skills and consistent behaviours of exceptional people.  In effect, NLP is a powerful change management tool that transforms the way people think and act to have the greatest impact both professionally and personally.

3 Brains NLP is one of the most powerful skillsets used by successful business coaches, sport coaches, relationship coaches, life coaches and others in the field of personal development, business management, psychology, and sales.

3 Brains NLP Coach Practitioner Training

What will you learn/experience:

  1. Unique tools and techniques that will create new levels of success and satisfaction when you work with clients, coaches, employees or friends and family members 

  2. Techniques for greater influence and impact using the power of language

  3. Techniques for changing belief systems 

  4. Techniques for working on part issues, where one part is saying yes and the other part of the client says no.

  5. Techniques for working on past issues using the timeline. 

  6. Techniques to help people to overcome limiting beliefs, fears, phobias and anxieties  

  7. Techniques to analyse and understand what motivates people and what keeps them stuck

  8. Powerful techniques to overcome negative thoughts, emotions and beliefs

  9. And working with the powerful tools of sub modalities, learning how we “store” our memories and how we can disconnect them again. 

  10. The unique FIREWALK

  11. And much more….

The training will be done in English 

The 3 Brains NLP Coach Practitioner Manual is in English and in Spanish available

Which benefits can the 3 Brains NLP Coach Practitioner Certification training bring to you?

Ability to get the desired outcome in dealing with others, escape the objections and the  “yes, but...” reaction

    • The difference of how people really listen, understand, and go into action, 

    • The tools to become much better in presenting yourself,

    • Awareness of the power and impact of your words, tonality and non verbal communication

  • Create rapport and mutual understanding with almost everybody

  • Learn to read people’s body language, facial expressions, and eye movements to gather the non-verbal information work with these signals

  • Overcoming limiting beliefs you had maybe for a long time and know how to help others with these

  • Learn how you can easily change fears (eg. fear of spiders)

  • Learn how to changes likes to dislikes and vice versa (eg. for food or smoking)

  • Learn how to bring out the best in clients, colleagues, relatives, etc. 

  • Ways of handling “difficult” people and manage the emotional and distracting demands of internal politics

  • Become much more efficient in time management skills, stop procrastinating, set the right priorities and goals

  • Tools to understand and minimise the impact of stress, frustration and judgement

  • Tools to understand the motivation of your own behaviour, the reasons of attracting things you do not want to have in your life

  • Explanation of how to replicate your best on a daily basis, anchoring your best state and experience it when you need or want it

  • Use adaptation and utilization in a work or personal relationship, stepping into the other believes system to create rapport and use their convincers

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