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Clinical Hypnotherapy training

Diploma level and Advanced Diploma level in Clinical Hypnotherapy

This is your chance to differentiate yourself with unique and highly successful techniques and insight that will enhance your personal and business results profoundly.

It does not matter if you like to master these skills for becoming a clinical hypnotherapist or use it for your current work, these skills are universally useful to enhance your life and that of the people you work with. 


How do we know that? 

We work as therapists, business coaches, and business trainers and use these techniques on a daily basis with our clients.

The training is designed in a way that is guiding you through the process you have with clients

1. Connecting with the client, creating rapport 

2. Analyse the topic and how does the client stay stuck in the issue?

3. Decipher what is needed to unstick the client and provide a solution? 

4. Design what is the best way to do this for this specific client? 

5. Do the hypnotherapy session(s)

6. Aftercare

And we provide you all the insights in how 

  • ​​To build your own practice and websites and use social media and

  • What the ethics​ are to work as a Clinical Hypnotherapist 

Techniques you will learn and master to do this are : 

  • 17 ways to guide people in the beautiful state of hypnosis

  • Unique techniques in how to make quick rapport and create trust in every meeting 

  • Insights in NeuroScience and conscious and subconscious behaviours ( our Head, Heart, and Gut Brains 

  • The special designed 14 steps in doing a perfect interview and how to do extremely successful interviews  

  • The 41 techniques of Ericksonian Language

  • Techniques how to read people and differentiate between what people say and what they actually mean

  • The best questioning (discrimination) skills you can imagine to analyse how and where people are stuck

  • Profound analysing techniques to pinpoint which patterns or events are keeping the client 

    • The T concept

    • The 17 Most Used Coping Mechanisms,

    • The 18 Self-Defeating Beliefs and

    • The 32 Patterns That Keep Clients Stuck

  • Highly successful techniques to assist the client in overcoming the issue:

    • Head/Heart/Gut Alignment

    • Resources in (T concept)

    • Block outs (T concept)

    • Patterns change 

    • Belief change

    • Values change

    • Regression

    • Future Imagination

    • Hypnotic writing

    • Reframing

    • Letting go process

    • Clearing process

    • Discriminations Skills

    • Metaphors

  • The essential NLP techniques for change and creating a positive mindset 



This is all to solve issues like:

  • Depression, Grief Loss

  • Anxiety

  • Weight issues

  • Insomnia;

  • Compulsive behaviors & habits

  • Addictions; alcohol and smoking

  • Self-esteem & confidence;

  • Stress

  • Fear of failure (exams, sport, work,)

  • Relationship challenges (like divorce)

Certification Clinical Hypnotherapy
Certification Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy course

Would to like to work as recognised Clinical Hypnotherapist? 

Would you like to upskill your coaching, counseling, or therapy skills?

Would you like to learn how to work in the new world of Online and worldwide?

Would you like to learn highly successful techniques from teachers that are expert practitioners?

Like to know more? Book a free 30 minutes free consultation 

" The knowledge, the experience, the content and the results that Christoffel's courses gave me have been an empowering journey I am so glad I took that can only highly recommend them!

Chris is gifted in helping to discover your true potential, his support is amazing and he loves to see people grow and be successful.

With gratitude and love,

Rosy Stefan."

Certification Clinical Hypnotherapy

Enhance your life and work with a Hypnotherapy Certification 

We have split the Diploma training in 2 sections

The Certificate Clinical Hypnotherapy Training Section

For people who are interested in learning clinical hypnotherapy and do not have objective to obtain the diploma certification there is the Certificate Clinical Hypnotherapy Training. 

The Certificate Training is 11 days in total, divided in 7 days intensive in one block, 4 days split over 2 weekends and 4 online sessions. (In total 11 face to face days and 4 online live sessions)


  • Hypnosis, Inductions (Ericksonian and Rapid)

  • Interview,

  • Questioning Skills and Communication

  • Ericksonian Language,

  • Metaphors, and

  • Regression

Besides the sessions you will also have free access to the following learning materials and services:

  • 2 Self paced webinars     

  • Brain Waves

  • Ericksonian Language,

  • 3 Booklets  of     

    • Manual of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Holistic Psychotherapy

    • The 17 induction/hypnosis techniques,

    • Ericksonian language the 41 language structures and

  • Free access to the library of 35 Books about hypnosis


Investment $ 3,845 as separate section ( 3,595 as early bird)

Instalment plans available


Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy Training Section


For people who like to learn more in depth clinical hypnotherapy and/or want to work as recognised clinical hypnotherapist and be able to have a provider number there is the  Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy training. this training is a follow up[ on the certificate Clinical Hypnotherapy training.

The Diploma training is also 11 days in total, divided in 5 days intensive in one block, 4 days split over 2 weekends and 4 online sessions. In total 9 face to face days and 4 online live sessions


  • Patterns that keep us Stuck

  • Hypnotherapy sessions

  • Stop Smoking,

  • Addictions

  • Weight issues

  • Anxiety

  • Phobias and 

  • Depression

With over 740 hours of study worth (certificate + diploma component) including assignments in between to build your skills and confidence as a hypnotherapist.

Besides the sessions you will also have free access to the following learning materials and services:

  • 4 Self paced webinars     

  • the 17 Most Used Coping Mechanisms,

  • The 12 Self Defeating Beliefs and

  • The 32 Patterns That Keep Clients Stuck

  • 2 Booklets of

    • The 32 Patterns That Keep Clients Stuck

    • Sessions for clearing the past and releasing emotional blocks

  • Audios&videos’ package, with inductions and real sessions

  • 25 Video’s of brief therapy sessions

  • 12 times a Monthly Group Supervision (valued at $120 per session)

Investment $ 4,195 as separate section ( $ 3,895 as early bird)

Combined with the Certificate Section is is only $ 7.495


Instalment plans available


Dates still to be planned

Good to know 

PEAL Academy is a Perth based International training organisation, and our (advanced) diploma level certification of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy is recognised by all the Hypnotherapy Associations. 

This training is being RECOGNISED by all the hypnotherapy associations the which means that you are eligible to join all the Hypnotherapy associations so that you can have a provider number from the health insurance companies. 

Government accreditation is not needed because Clinical Hypnotherapy is not regulated by the Government but by the Associations.

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Why choose us as your teacher?

Just think about your own school or university, What do you remember the best, the quality and name of the school, the quality of that special teacher or the quality of the content some teacher delivered? 

For most of us, it's that special teacher or a teacher with that special content, and THIS is exactly the reason why you choose for us: David and myself are highly experienced therapist and trainers.

So when you choose for us you choose for those special teachers who really help you to bring the best out of you based on their experience and knowledge. We have a passion for what we do!

David Szczecinski

David has almost 20 years experience and is a registered Medicare provider (psychological strategies). 

David works with adolescents and adults.  David also provides employee assistance program (EAP) services to several organisations and is registered as a professional supervisor for the AASW.

1000's of individuals, couples and families have successfully sought assistance for a great variety of issues. 

David is approachable, relatable and you may be surprised just how much knowledge and understanding he has for a great variety of issues

David Szczecinski

Christoffel Sneijders

The founder of Peal Academy Christoffel Sneijders passion is to help make this world a more Heart Brain-based society, and inspire people to do the same whilst following their objectives and dreams.​

He has now more than 28 years experience in working as executive coach, therapist and leadership/sales training and as an associate professor at the IE Business School Madrid, (ranked nr 9 in the world) in organizational behavioral leadership last but not least he is and ICF PPC coach.


He feels grateful to have had the opportunity to work with more than 10.000 people in Europe, Middle East, India, Asia, USA and Australia. 


Furthermore Christoffel is a besides a Clinical Hypnotherapist a supervisor for all the Associations, so he knows what a great coach, counselor and therapist needs.  



The Certificate Clinical Hypnotherapy Training Section
Block 1 Hypnosis, Inductions, Simple interventions, and Questioning Skills

Block 2
Rapid induction and deepening skills, Communication and practice 


Block 3 Metaphors, Regression and practice 


Block 4 Online Live Sessions  Limiting beliefs and Supervision 

Live online sessions (1,5 hour each)  be planned in coordination with the participants

Online Self Study Sessions: Imagination, Ericksonian Language, Brainwaves, the 17 most used coping mechanisms, the 12 self defeating beliefs

Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy training Section

Block 1 Addictions, Stop Smoking, Weight, Anxiety, Phobias, Depression, Trauma, and Pain management

Block 2 Practice on Addictions, Stop Smoking and Weight

Block 3 Practice on Depression, Trauma, and Pain management

Block 4 Online Sessions  and Supervision 

Live online sessions (1,5 hour each)  be planned in coordination with the participants

Online Self Study sessions:

The 32 patterns that keep us stuck, 6 sessions for clearing past and releasing emotional blocks 

Block 5 Closing/Diploma 

Live online sessions (1,5 hour each)  be planned in coordination with the participants

"The Hypnotherapy/Psychotherapy course is worth its weight in Gold!

Chris is a very warm, sincere and compassionate trainer, who, not only imparts clear understanding with hands-on experience, but takes his students on a journey of refinement into professionally-confident therapists.

Everyone is encouraged to develop their own artistry and excellence.

Thank you so much.


See the dates for 2022 and reserve your spot for this unique training?  

Arabelle Yee Testionial

Arabelle Yee

International Speaker | High Performance Coaching.

Chris is one of the most accommodating trainers who will go an extra mile to help out his students. I received both NLP and the Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy training from Chris. Knowing that Chris brings a wealth of experience form both coaching and training background, he can provide guidance on whether about training or running a business.

Thank you for the opportunity and anyone who is looking for a unique way of learning, this is the place for you.

Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma

​​Learn the amazing techniques of NLP to upgrade your skills

Certification Advanced clinical Hypnotherapy

The advanced diploma contains the unique NLP practitioners certification

4 Online days of mastering success! 

Page NLP practitioners certification

"After a 2 days certification I was convinced to step into this amazing journey- the 8 months diploma- becoming a hypnotherapist and I'm glad I did it!

I'm beyond grateful I got to be trained by both the master Chris !

They have an inspiring and flexible approach in all he does do! Theory time and practice one are well balanced so that I got to understand through experience the techniques taught.

Chris, also author of "The 3 brains Theory- how to finally understand..." explains in depth how one reacts according to one's dominant brain in various situations, this helps a lot understanding one another inside and out of the therapy.

Moreover what I love about the training they offer is the familial atmosphere they spread and the way they still both look after me long after the training is over sharing all tools for me to be thriving in my activity!

Many thanks to you!

Kindly Virginie xx

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