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High demand for the upcoming Clinical Hypnotherapy training in October

In October we start with the Clinical Hypnotherapy training and before that we have some workshops and short trainings that will provide you techniques for great interventions. With that knowledge you can to assist the people you love or work with to really reach their potential. 

Why is it now the time? Just have a look at this article.

3 Million australians ore now on anti depressions!

And at least 75% can stop using medication with the right therapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy is one of the best (and in my opinion the best) treatment.


  • Psychology has a success rate between 15-47% *

  • There are 10 different kinds of psychology treatments, from Psychoanalysis to CBT it now the time?

  • the latest invention by Psychology is: Mindfulness

  • A 3000 year old methodology, what does that tell about their own believe in their treatment techniques?

  • BTW Hypnotherapy is having a success rate above 50%

As said the best Australian Clinical hypnotherapy training will commence in October.

the only training in Australia with 23 Face to Face days and building on the latest successful techniques in the field.

You can start right away this training with the online component and the self study if you prefer.

Over a period of 7 months, you will reach a level that allows you to establish yourself as a Clinical Hypnotherapist.

This training had the RECOGNITION of the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia, the AHA, PHA and ASCH what means that you are eligible to join all the Hypnotherapy associations so that you can have a provider number from the health insurance companies. 


2 October  -  4 October   

30 October - 1 November  

20 November -  22 November   

18 December - 20 December 

Webinar every webinar is from 4 PM - 5.30 PM, 1.5 hour December/January  

TDB 2 day client weekend January 

Webinar  every webinar is from 4 PM - 5.30 PM,  TBD  February/March 

5 February - 7 February 

5 March - 7 March

26 March - 28 March 

Friday the class is from 1 PM - 8 PM and Saturday and Sunday from 9:30-4:30

We know this training will be in high demand so do not wait to ask for more information or to reserve your spot.

Don't miss it! 

Love to see you


* Source

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