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UK's Premier Business Podcast on Relationships, leadership and your Head, Heart and Gut Brain

Updated: May 23, 2023

Yeukai Business Podcast Show is the "UK's Premier Business Show". Dedicated to helping business leaders to succeed in their leadership and life.

Guess who was on the show? yes me 😃

In this episode, we spoke about the theory and the power of the Three Brains - Head, Heart, and Gut - and how they can assist you to achieve what you desire to achieve and as collateral beauty can lead to a better world and legacy.

Who of you had/is sometimes having issues with:

  • Procrastination,

  • Eating unhealthy,

  • Setting boundaries or saying no,

  • Work/life balance issues or

  • Depressions or anxieties

Who inside you is in charge in these moments of “bad” decision-making? And how easily can/could you change or stop them and change them for healthier habits?

This is where your Heart and Gut Brain step in the story.

As if the gut is a brain, then it explains why we are when we're anxious, as we really feel it in our gut. And when there is a little brain on the heart, it answers why we have so much heart pain we break up and could feel depressed as we feel and behave depressed, but we don't think depressed.

We talk about how we can be in "charge" of our 3 brains as they have different responsibilities in making us happy, healthy, and successful, and if we only listen and follow one, we could end up hurting ourselves.

So, if you want to know more about how your 3 brains are in charge of your life and how you can get control back to achieve what you want to achieve, tune in now!

Enjoy, and love to hear from you.

Cheers Christoffel


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