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This is why I love my job

Received this from a friend who I helped. So grateful


And no... I don’t mean physically! 🤦🏻‍♀️

Emotionally!! 💜

I, like I imagine many of you, am guilty of getting to a stage where I am aware that there is a large emotional growth step brewing... and putting up walls!🧱

Completely locking myself in my own space! 🔐

Not letting anyone in! 🙅🏻‍♀️

Complete protection mode! 🔒

And I’ve felt it building over the last few weeks... the walls got higher...brick by brick... 🧱

Then the universe started giving me signs I needed to take action... 🙌🏼

⚠️ Relationships getting shaky...

⚠️ Anxiety showing up...

⚠️ Doubt creeping in...

Then on Monday I had a new meditation that threw me new surprises... 🧘🏻‍♀️

I made the decision to take a friend up on an offer to help me work through some blocks... 💜

And wow am I grateful! 🙏🏼

Being held emotionally... to allow you to work through emotions you are afraid to face on your own... is a truly beautiful experience! 💜

Sometimes that FEAR holds you back... 😢

The act of trusting and allowing someone to hold your emotions is scary... but OH SO WORTH IT! 💜

No matter how strong, centred, ‘put together’ or controlled you are... 💜

Let yourself be held every now and then... that VULNERABILITY is the STRONGEST thing you will ever do.Just do it!

Goose bumps when I read it :-)

Just imagine you would like to learn this than please join our (advanced)diploma in Clinical Hypntherapy and Holistic Psychotherapy.

In the adbanced where we go deeper in the NLP techniques for phobias, submodalites etc and the Trauma/Resiliance component teached you where the mane stands for.

Say you would like to have a taster before you enrol, than join

Join our Intensive ½ day workshop in Hypnotherapy and Coaching.

The date: Sunday the 20th of January!

An amazing super succesfull 1/2 day workshop in Clinical Hypnotherapy/Coaching​, learn from the best Clinical Hypnotherapist and Executive Coach in Australia.

1. Overcoming life and career issues, the head the heart and the gut-brain​

2. How to create that relaxed hypnotic state

3. The background off hypnotherapy and hypnosis

This is a beautiful way to get a deeper insight into the usage of clinical hypnotherapy and holistic Psychotherapy and how it would work and could work for you and how you can use it for helping others.

There is no other school available in Australia like this. The tools, techniques we teach cannot be found somewhere else! The only school that embraces the holistic approach of personal change..

For more information about me/us

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Looking forward to seeing you!

Chris Sneijders

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