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3 Brains - Head, Heart and Gut - Intelligence Practitioner Training ICF for 10 CCEU's accredited
3 Brains - Head, Heart and Gut - Intelligence Practitioner Training ICF for 10 CCEU's accredited

Thu, Feb 22


3 Brains Intelligence Fundamentals

3 Brains - Head, Heart and Gut - Intelligence Practitioner Training ICF for 10 CCEU's accredited

3 Brains - Head, Heart and Gut - Intelligence Practitioner Training is invaluable if you are looking to use your 3 minds to connect with everyone and change your outcome!

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Time & Location

Feb 22, 2024, 3:00 PM GMT+1 – Feb 23, 2024, 7:00 PM GMT+1

3 Brains Intelligence Fundamentals

About the Event

1-day 3 Brains - Head, Heart and Gut - Intelligence Practitioner Training

For coaches, but essentially for everyone, it is essential to know and be able to read other people and connect, communicate and influence them in a motivational way.

Besides that, for coaches, using at least one model of self-knowledge and knowledge of others is essential.

The 3 Brains Preference assessment that is part of this training is an easy-to-use methodology based on our evolutionary biology.

Having the insight of this model at your disposal will bring you improvement of your relationship with yourself and others, and it will equip you to:

  • Have more success with your clients in individual coaching.
  • Have a powerful model for team building.

Being able to communicate and listen from and with your 3 Brains will let you:

  • Connect better and more naturally with the other to cultivate trust and safety more easily and show support, empathy, and concern for the other.
  • Have a powerful model for team building.

Objectives of the 3 Brains Intelligence Training: Understanding and using your 3 Brains to connect, communicate and influence other people in a motivational way. What will you learn/experience:

  1. Understanding why our 3 brains - the head, heart, and gut - behave as they do as a result of millennia of evolution.
  2. Discover the limitations of behavioural change through mere repetition and dive into the nuances of learning through the law of association.
  3. Uncover the strengths and pitfalls of these 3 brains and how they shape our interactions with others.
  4. Identify your basic preference among the 3 Brains
  5. Understand how their distinct responsibilities influence your decisions
  6. How the 3 Brains store memories and emotions like stress, fear, anger, grief, sadness and frustration.
  7. Master the art of using the language of the 3 brains to forge stronger connections with those around you.
  8. Learn to decode the conversation and how others are logically and emotionally connected to their topics.
  9. Identify the most dominant brain in someone based on their expressions and interactions and how to respond adeptly.
  10. Lastly, there are many exercises to master the knowledge and techniques.

🌱 How will you benefit from this 3 Brains Intelligence Training?

  • Enrich Your Impact: Fuse your coaching approach with groundbreaking neuroscience revelations and master the art of building profound connections.
  • Acquire Highly Successful Coaching Techniques: Learn how to naturally incorporate the 3 Brains Preference Assessment insights and Language into your practice, creating sessions that resonate profoundly, and that apply to coaching, leadership, management, therapy, and personal circumstances.
  • Ignite Client Satisfaction: Help your clients achieve the enduring change they yearn for.
  • Experience Personal Growth: Use the 3 Brains process as a mirror, reflecting on your strengths and areas for growth.

🎯 How will your clients benefit?

  • Unlock Inner Wisdom: Empower your clients to access their inherent 3 Brains wisdom. Guide them towards self-discovery, unlocking their full potential.
  • Streamline Decision Making: Resolve inner conflicts between the Head, Heart, and Gut that hinder decision-making. Help your clients achieve clarity, enabling confident, informed choices.
  • Unleash Potential: Enable your clients to tap into their full capabilities. Guide them in making choices that promote wellness and achievement, crafting a fulfilling life they love.

For whom is this training designed?

Coaches, consultants, managers, employees, individuals: anyone who wants to improve their self-knowledge and their relationship with others.

Prerequisites: none.

Training programme

What is the program of the 2 live sessions?

You will receive invaluable insights and tools to apply to your coaching, leadership, managerial, therapeutic, and even personal situations relevant to you.

Session 1: Awakening the Triad Within

  • Dive deep into the fascinating science of the 3 brains: Head, Heart, and Gut.
  • Unveil our 3 brains' distinct objectives, authorities, and decision-making hierarchies, setting the foundation for your coaching success.
  • Discover your own 3 Brains Preference and Dominance.
  • Learn to connect with yourself authentically and guide your clients or employees in building this essential connection with their triple brain system.

Session 2: Connecting & Igniting Growth

  • Learn to pinpoint which of the three brains anchors your clients or employees within their comfort zone, hindering their embrace of change.
  • Harness the unique language of each brain to communicate with enhanced clarity.
  • How do we naturally connect with another
  • Learn to be in the 3 Brains CCT (Curiosity, Compassion, and Trust) state to create a nurturing environment of trust and presence, fostering organic learning and growth.
  • Master the 3 Brains Coaching Communication Techniques, acting as a beacon for your clients in their journey from learning to enduring transformation.
  • Turn knowledge into action, solidifying your newfound expertise with hands-on application.

*This 3 Brains theory is based on the book "Relationships? Which Brain is Talking" and "How Men and Women Fit, Finally Understand Your Partner with the 3 Brains Theory" by Christoffel Sneijders.

Accreditation of the 3 Brains Coach Training:

  • ICF CCE training, accredited for 10 CCEUs (Core Competencies 7 hours Resource Development 3 hours)
  • Hypnotherapy associations worldwide recognise this training for development points

Besides 1-day of unique, groundbreaking 3 Brains Intelligence Training, you will receive:

  • The unique 45 pages 3 Brains Intelligence Manual
  • Analysis of your 3 Brains Preference
  • 3 Brains Intelligence Certificate
  • Join the closed 3 Brains Coach LinkedIn Group

Meet Christoffel: Your Guiding Light to Unlocking Potential

Driven by an unwavering passion for illuminating the best in you, Christoffel has dedicated his life to human transformation.

His journey led him to the groundbreaking 3 Brains Theory - Head, Heart, and Gut - which he integrated into his practice in 2018 after years of meticulous research.

As a Master Certified Coach (MCC) endorsed by ICF, Christoffel expertly teaches the 3 Brains concepts in the internationally recognised ICF CCEU-approved 3 Brains Coaching Certification Training.

Boasting 30 years of seasoned experience in coaching and training, Christoffel brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every engagement. In addition to his executive coach and supervisor role, he is an eloquent international speaker and a respected visiting professor at the prestigious IE Business School.

As an author, he has gifted the world with “How Men & Women Fit, Finally Understand Your Partner with The 3 Brains Theory” and “Relationships? Which Brain is Talking?”. These insightful books clearly explain how our three brains intertwine and influence relationships in both personal and professional spheres.

Christoffel's vast toolbox combines his passion, authenticity, and empathy with an impressive knowledge base encompassing Hypnosis, NLP, Coaching, psychotherapy, and specialised skills in managing burnout, PTSD, anxiety, and trauma grief. These invaluable resources are instrumental in aiding his global clientele in manifesting the life and outcomes they yearn for.

Driven by a fervour to inspire fellow coaches and leaders, Christoffel is dedicated to enabling others to do magnificent work. Rooted in the belief that each individual holds the capacity to make a profound positive impact, he is committed to igniting this potential within everyone he connects with.

Join Christoffel on this transformative journey today!

Join me for this training, and if you would like to know more, let's set up a call.

Christoffel Sneijders MCC


  • 4 hours

    session 1


  • 4 hours

    Session 2



  • general admission

    +€12.38 service fee
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