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NLP training and dissolving limiting beliefs

We all have limiting beliefs and they influence our life and happiness every day.

What are limiting beliefs?

Beliefs are those things we hold to be true despite evidence to the contrary. Lets look at your limiting beliefs. Such beliefs can create a self-fulfilling prophecy when there really is no good evidence to support them. E.g.:

• “I’m too old/fat/short/thin/dark etc to do that.”

• “I’m no good at......”

• “I’m overweight because my family is big boned.”

• “You can’t get ahead if you’re a woman.”

• “Relationships are just too hard.”

• “People will always let you down!”

• “I never have enough time to do what I want.”

• “I’ll never have enough money to do what I want”.

Please note the sweeping statements and the stalling effect often inherent in a limiting belief. It is like someone has slammed on the brakes, and all momentum comes to a halt. Because you have a limited belief you can predispose yourself to failure. Your brain doesn’t like failure and will try to avoid the activity.

The moment you create an easy excuse for failure you have lost something - you have lost an opportunity to succeed at something new or different.

The way you talk to yourself is crucial here. There is a considerable difference between saying, “I’m no good in relationships”, and “I haven’t had many good relationships.” The first option generalizes and nullifies possibility. The second does not have the same defeatism, leaving open the possibility that a good one will come. Ask yourself how each statement would affect your attitude to relationships?

Challenge Them!!! In this training one of the ways we challenge you to do so, is to break a wooden panel of 19 MM thick.

In this amazing training we help you besides learning the powerful tools of NLP breakthrough these limiting believes.

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