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getting over #metoo and alcohol, a real life story

A real life story about abuse, alcoholism and a successful recovery to happiness.

" When I walked into Christoffel’s office I was in a very bad place.  I was suffering from depression that was physically weighing me down. I had had to take the week off work because I couldn’t cope. I was looking for something, anything, to help me stop drinking because that was making everything worse.  I was drinking 2 bottles of wine a day. Although I’ve had periods of doing slightly better, I’d pretty much been drinking that much every day for 10 years. I’m on antidepressants and have been seeing a psychologist for five years but none of that was working.  I was desperate for help.

Christoffel asked me to tell him what my issues were. Because I’ve been talking to a psychologist I was able to tell him – 

As a child I had felt unloved by my mother. I had learnt that it was important to be invisible, to make sure I focused on, and delivered, what other people needed, so as to be safe.

I had intrusive visions of a sexual assault by my brother and a friend of his when I was a child, I didn’t know if they were real or not, but they wouldn’t go away, and I kept pushing them down, ignoring them.

22 years ago I became pregnant (when I had believed, and grieved over the fact, that I couldn’t get pregnant) but I was not in a relationship and in a panic arranged a termination.  I was sobbing as I was taken into theatre but notbody stopped to ask if I wanted to go ahead. I hated myself for that decision and continued to do so.

I felt I didn’t deserve happiness, that I was unworthy. I hated myself.

Unbelievably for me, Christoffel was able to help me to bring the little girl who felt unloved up out of my gut and into my heart. I could see her and feel the energy moved. I promised her I would love her and take care of her. I forgave myself.

And I was able to bring up from my hidden places the trauma of the images of sexual abuse, my feelings of complicitness in what had happened to that little girl, my anger and grief over it. I was able to accept that those things, and my decision to terminate my child, are part of what makes me who I am, that all those feelings, my decision, are ok, and to forgive myself truly.

At the end of the session I was able to say, and for the first time ever, believe, that I love myself and I forgive myself.  The weight of depression miraculously lifted off me.  I came in, unable to smile, hunched in on myself, unable to cope with life, and I left grinning and happy.  I felt, literally, a million times better.

I can't thank Christoffel enough. And I hope other people can have the opportunity to have their lives turned around like me." 

I am grateful and fortunate to have had the opportunity to help her find herself back again and to guide her on her path back to happiness and health. 

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